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Print Your Own Contact Lenses

vector graphic of a 3D printer

We are now moving into the era of smart contact lenses. Not only can they be 3D printed they are going digital!

General benefits of contact lenses

Contact lenses provide an alternative to glasses to allow people to see clearly without having to wear frames and lenses.  They are particularly useful in sport and provide better vision in some conditions like keratoconus.

The future is here

Recently however, they have been developed to monitor various conditions in people who are particularly non-compliant or have fluctuating levels of key compounds and their doctor cannot get a true representation of their health.  The contact lenses have been augmented with a wireless chip and a tiny antenna that is “thinner than a human hair” to transmit the data to an external device.  This allows the doctor to monitor conditions like:

  1. sugar levels in diabetics
  2. lactic acid in heart failure, liver disease and lung disease
  3. lacryglobin in certain cancers
  4. glaucoma by measuring the pressure in the eye using a technology called Triggerfish (developed by Sensimed)

Printed Contact Lenses

For more information contact Kosmac & Clemens Optometrists.