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59 High Street
Heathcote, VIC 3523
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Why Choose Our Optometrists in Heathcote?

At Kosmac & Clemens Optometrists in Heathcote we feel privileged to be able to assist you with your eye care. Our friendly, caring staff are expertly trained to understand your individual needs and ensure you get the best lenses, frames and advice to suit your lifestyle.

We take the time to provide a thorough examination, provide you with solutions and explain your options to you in easy to understand language. We are passionate, local, experienced and cover the full gamut of optometry needs.

eye test in Heathcote

Meet Our Caring Optometrist

Ian Clemens
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Mr. Jacky Cheung

Eye Care Services We Offer in Heathcote


Our comprehensive eye tests prevent any problems from arising by catching them early on and offer effective treatment so that you live your life without interruption!


We evaluate your eye shape and prescription to determine the best and most comfortable type of contact lenses for your unique eyes.


Digital retinal imaging uses high-resolution imaging systems to take pictures of the inside of your eye. This allows us to check for any vision-threatening eye diseases.


Suffering from dry eye disease not only diminishes your quality of life but also makes daily activities such as reading or driving a struggle. Contact us for lasting dry eye relief.


A diabetic eye examination detects vision-robbing eye diseases before they affect your vision.


When the eyes can no longer maintain their correct position or focus on the same object, the result is problems with binocular vision. We can help.